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The Celebration of Texas Independence Day!                           March 2nd, Since 1836

Our Purpose: To encourage and promote the education of the general public regarding Texas Independence Day and the history of Texas and its people!

Celebrate Texas, Inc. is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization
​For more information, please call Ed Wilkins (512)663-9494
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​​   This Year's Flag of the Texas Revolution
The Burnet Texas Republic Flag

Suggested by the first president of the Texan Republic, this flag was meant to show Texas's
unity and independence with the lone star, a
symbol used to this day.  This was the 
official flag of the Republic of Texas from
Dec. 10, 1836 until January 25, 1839 when
the current State of Texas flag​ was adopted
as the Republic of Texas flag.