Our Purpose:
To encourage and promote the education of the general public regarding Texas Independence Day and the history of Texas and its people!

"This is our eighth year and it is really growing and getting lots of support" says Harvey Ford, President of Celebrate Texas.

Who and What We Are:
Celebration of Texas Independence Day, Inc. is operating under the name "Celebrate Texas". The organization is chartered as a Non-Profit Corporation by the State of Texas and is a 501-C-3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization with the IRS. We are governed by a seventeen member Board of Directors, all are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service.

The Celebrate Texas Board encourages all Texans around the state to celebrate in their own way with special Texas meals or dress, Texas flag flying, or simply a "Texas toast" on March 2nd. Cities and counties are encouraged to start their own festivities and events to celebrate Texas Independence Day.

Celebrate Texas was the brainchild of Jay L. Johnson, who died in 2001. Long live Texas.

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